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London European Securities provides securitised fixed rate investments to private investors in Euros, Dollars and Sterling

Company Profile

London European Securities Limited is an Alternative Investment Company which provides specialist commercial lending by way of bespoke short-term funding solutions to the commercial property market. We are a privately owned company registered in England and Wales with the company number 10493331 and we focus on quality real estate securities in London and the United Kingdom which are conservatively valued.


Our own company Investors are private individuals who are attracted by quality securities and high rates of fixed interest in Euros, Dollars and Sterling with no currency risk and our unique offering provides a bespoke offering with direct security and good rates of return in Euros, Dollars and Sterling. Our company motto of Quid Pro Quo reflects our ethos as we deliver absolute win, win results to our customers investors and shareholders alike.



We provide commercial lending with the best value and highest quality service at all times

Quid Pro Quo: is our motto, Win,Win is our Aim

Our unique offering provides our investors and commercial borrowers something that they can't get anywhere else in the market place! Quick efficient lending and great fixed interest rates with real direct security. By choosing our team, you will benefit from our expertise, dedication and availability throughout your commercial borrowing and invesment activities. You can be sure that together we will provide the right solutions for you.

Simple Security

Our Most Unique Approach to Simple Security

One of our most important features for our investors is how they gain simple security so that their investments are protected. Have a look at this section and understand how it works

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