Our Investors are succesful invidivuals who want to put their money to work in a smart way with the backing of conservatively valued real-estate assets. We don't retail investments and so all of our investors are private and opportunities are restricted and subject to sophisitcated investor status and may not neccessarily be availiable.




Our Features

Private Investors


Private investments in Euros, Dollars and Sterling

We forward hedge all of our positions to remove currency risk 



Competitive Interest Rates

Rate Details*            6m*           12m* 

25,000-49,999         3.8%           4.0% 

50,000-99,999        5.0%          5.3%

100,000 & above    5.3%         5.6%


All of our Investors are directly secured by property assets which are conservatevly valued making your investments literally "As Safe As Houses"

High Interest Rate Secured Note

Explore our General Details

We only have one type of Investment  for our Investors

We only have one investment for our Private Investors at London European Securities and It's called the High Interest Rate Secured Note. The main features are listed below:


  • No Initial or Ongoing Charges
  • Competitive Rates
  • Interest Paid Monthly
  • Investments in Euros, Dollars and Sterling
  • No Currency Risk
  • Security Provided




Our Unique Approach Provides

  • Real Security
  • Excellent Rates
  • Monthly Interest
  • Financial security

Using this approach we are able to provide our sophisticated investors and shareholders a better rates of secured interest than is currently available through traditional banks.

We are a Privately Owned Securities Firm and our Investments are not Open to the General Public

As we are privately owned securities firm operating on our own account and own balance sheet we do not deal with retail clients nor consumers and as such we do not market investments to the general public. Our objective is also to remain a private operation for the benefit of our shareholders, investors and commercial customers with a highly personalised level of operations.

Only our private investors and shareholders can benefit from the High Interest Secured Note as laid down by the guide above.

Please be aware that we are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and our private investors are not protected by the Financial Compensation Scheme in the United Kingdom

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